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It was the fortunate and important day of 13 August 1983. Some members of Jalan family had gone to Visit Mr. Sajjanji Tulshan House. After they finished their dinner, and some chit chatting they were about to leave. At that time it started raining heavily. Sajjanji requested Jalans to stay back for some more time. Shri Naresh, Govind, Dwarka and Raju Jalan with the family were chatting. While discussing someone brought the point that there is a big DadiTemple in Hyderabad. We would also love to have Dadi celebratiion in Pune. Shri Naresh Jalan immediately said he would publish about it in newspaper and announce Dadi’s celebration in Pune. With Dadiji’s grace, a nice Dadi celebration started that year in Pune. Some of the initial members formed Seva Samiti and started celebrating Bhadi Amavas program every year. Shri Bajaranglalji Chamediya was President of the Committee.

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४ एप्रिल-राम जन्मोत्सव

जय दादी की राम जन्मोत्सव तारीख ४ एप्रिल चैत्र शुक्ला नवमी को नारायणीधाम पूना मे दोपहर ११ बजे भजन एवम जन्मोत्सव आरती दोपहर १२ बजे होगी सभी भक्त दर्शन प्रसाद का लाभ ले ,इस वर्ष नवपारायण का पाठ नवमी ४ एप्रील से १० एप्रील तक दोपहर ४,३० बजे से शाम ७ बजे तक होगा.दिनांक १० एप्रिल को शाम ७.३० से सुंदरकांड का पाठ तथा ११ एप्रिल सुबह रामायण समाप्ति एवम जन्मोत्सव आरती ६.२५ होगी भंडारा सुबह ११बजेसे दोपहर १.३०बजे सभी भक्त जन पाठ एवम भंडारे का लाभ ले |
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