Narayani Dham Temple
 WelCome To Narayani Dham WelCome To Narayani Dham WelCome To Narayani Dham
Daily Worship
Mangal Aarti :- 6.30 am

Shrungar Aarti :- 7.30 am

Rajbhog Aarti :- 12.45 pm

Saanj Aarti :- 7.00 pm

Shayan Aarti :- 9.45 pm

Darshan time :- 6.30 am to 1 pm

Darshan time :- 4.00 pm to 10pm

Monthly Event
Every Poornima

8.00 PM
Every Amavas
About the temple

With Dadi ji's Divine Grace, we are able to put forth this web site at your service. You can spread the word with other people so that maximum people can take benefit of this site.

More than 300 people visit the temple everyday. There is Dadi Mangal on every Krishn Paksha Navami followed by bhajans and Maha prasad for all devotees. Temple celebrates Bhadi Amavas, Ganesh Festival, Navaratri, Janmashtami, Hanuman Jayanti, Deepavali with full enthusiasm.

Donations are accepted towards various programs like Navmi, Varsheey Mahotsav, Flower decoration etc. You can donate generously towards the good cause by contacting Secretary or any of the Trustees of Narayani Dham. You can also obtain more information in the temple office.

Temple has also made Puja Sahitya available for sale at nominal charges for devotees.

If you wish to receive information about the events, you may provide your name, mobile number and email address if any.

Trustees 2011-2014

Chief Trustee
Shri Mahendra Govindram Mittal

Managing Trustee
Shri Mahendrakumar Anantram Patodiya

Treasurer Trustee
Shri Bajranglal Chamadia

Mandir and Bhawan Administration Trustee
Late Shri Shankarlal Ramjilal Jalan

Legal Advisor Trustee
Shri Rajkumar Bansilal Agrawal

Public Relation Trustee
Shri Omprakash Balbhadra Agarwal -

Publicity & Adv. Trustee
Shri Vasant Purushottam Bagadia

Sau Rashmi Sanjay Hira

Trust Secretary
Shri Shyamsundar Bankelal Goyal

Joint Secretary
Shri Vikesh Chowdhary

Joint Secretary
Shri Manoj Jalan

Joint Secretary
Shri Sanjay Goyal

Chartered Accountant
Shri Kavit Poddar

Events Calender
Upcoming Events
Janmashtami Utsav

9.30 to 12pm - Bhajan, Janmostav, Aarti and Prasad
Navmi Mangal Path
Bhadi Amavas Utsav 2014
Ganesh ji ka Maha Abhishekh
Radha Krishna Abhishekh
Shri Dadi ji ka mangal path bhajan Mahaprasad