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It was the fortunate and important day of 13 August 1983. Some members of Jalan family had gone to Visit Mr. Sajjanji Tulshan House. After they finished their dinner, and some chit chatting they were about to leave. At that time it started raining heavily. Sajjanji requested Jalans to stay back for some more time. Shri Naresh, Govind, Dwarka and Raju Jalan with the family were chatting. While discussing someone brought the point that there is a big DadiTemple in Hyderabad. We would also love to have Dadi celebratiion in Pune. Shri Naresh Jalan immediately said he would publish about it in newspaper and announce Dadi’s celebration in Pune. With Dadiji’s grace, a nice Dadi celebration started that year in Pune. Some of the initial members formed Seva Samiti and started celebrating Bhadi Amavas program every year. Shri Bajaranglalji Chamediya was President of the Committee.

Action time...

In 1986, Shri Anantramji Patodiya as a founder started a Trust towards social cause. 5 life time Trustees joined the Trust. To serve the society, the Trust, from 1986 till 1998, under the guidence Shri Kisan Jalan and Vasudevki Jalan, ran an Ambulance. With Dadiji’s Grace, Shri Mahendrakumar Patodiya donated 10,000 sq ft of land in Katraj for building Dadi’s temple. Dadiji grace empowered to start the work of the temple with “Bhumi Pujan” on 9th Feb, 2000 and actual start of “Mandir Nirman” on 17th May 2000. The construction work began under the valuable guidance of Shri Mahendra Mittal, Shri Ramesh Patodiya, Shri Mukesh Patodiya and Shri Shyam Goyal. Initially the plan was to build a small temple but with the overwhelming response from more than 425 Agrawal families it has taken a bigger shape.

Finish Line

Due care was taken for the Establishment of deities. Shri Dadiji’s Vigraha, Brick and Jyoti was brought from Jhunjhnu temple. Brick and Jyot from temple at Salasar was brought for Hanumanji temple, Shri Shyam Baba Jyot was brought from Khatu. Shivling was brought from Omkareshwar. Asta Vinayak around Pune region was visited to bring soil, brick and sand for Shri Ganesh temple. Under the leadership of Amit Jalan, a rail yatra was taken on 9th Feb 2002. This rail yatra was in itself a very memorable event. 64 lucky devotees took part in this divine yatra. The function of Pran Pratishta (Murti Sthapana) started with a big procession on 14th Feb 2002. On the auspicious day of 22nd Feb 2002, Pran Pratishta was conducted as per Vedic rituals by the famous Shri Govindacharya Dixit from Varanasi. Various havens were performed. Thousands of devotees gathered to take part in the divine program and enjoyed every bit of that divine atmosphere filled with sanskruit shlokas. This was followed by Grand Vasant Mahotsav on 23rd and 24th of Feb in presence of Trustees of Jhunjhnu temple. Dadiji’s Grace made this whole event a big success. The adjoining land of 5000 sq ft was also taken by the Temple trust for future expansion. Also in 2007, the Shikhar work was completed with devotion.

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